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Snack Right is a super healthy- snack delivery service. Get amazing snacks delivered at the convenience of your home or office !

Snacks Hand Crafted & Curated especially for you by a professional NUTRITIONIST who’s been in this field for a decade !


How does it work ?

So What's in the box ?

  • A box of 20 of our super healthy snacks in pre portioned packs delivered to your home/ office every fortnight.
  • Each Snack Right box contains variety of sweet and savoury munchies enough for one person for 2 working weeks (daily 2 packs for 10 days)
  • No stress about choosing or portioning snacks; leave that stress to the experts.
  • Just pick up a packet and carry to work/ office/ gym/ classes or everywhere coz hunger can strike just anytime- anywhere!

Just so you know; Its addictively tasty too!

The Four W's


WHAT makes Snack Right UNIQUE?


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