Return / Replacement / Cancellation of Service

Replacement of Products for shipped merchandise claimed as not received are subject to our investigation, which may include postal/courier -service notification. We will adjust your account at our discretion. Remember there is no refund policy.

If there is a reasonable issue with the quality or the taste of an item(s), we will provide you with the replacement snacks in your next subscription box. The reasonableness of the same will be determined by our team. The cost of shipping the product[s] under dispute to us shall be borne by you.

Please note that we do not give the option to cancel an order once placed. But we understand that there can be some unplanned circumstances; hence we give you the option to pause your snack service temporarily [not applicable to trial/ 4 week plans]. This facility can be availed only once in your single subscription plan. But the same needs to be intimated to us via email and/or call and/or SMS at least 5 days before your next box would be due for delivery (e.g. If the box is due on 9th of a month, the communication should be latest by 5.00 pm of 3rd of that month). It is your responsibility to make sure you get a written confirmation of your pause of service communication via email/sms/WhatsApp from our side. In case we receive your request to pause service after the order is already been processed by us, the order cannot be recalled. Snack Right will decide if an order has been processed or not. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by Snack Right.

In case of pause of service and pending payment for more than 1 month, the customer would have to pay revised fees [if any in that period] for the same services.

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