WHAT makes Snack Right UNIQUE?

Each of the snacks is approved by qualified professional Nutritionist.
No preservatives, No junk.
Only natural ‘whole’some ingredients; no refined unhealthy stuff.
No artificial/ synthetic anything.
Whole lot of “Superfoods” good for you.
No added- refined sugar(sucrose), corn syrup, fructose syrup or glucose

= Only Natural sweetness;

Products rich in fibre content.

Basically this is simple & clean eating– All ingredients which you can read & understand !

WHY is this the Right Snack for you?

This is Smart Sensible Simple Snacking !
Snack time is no more guilt time coz this is really healthy !
Carefully chosen standard-grade ingredients; so you need not worry about the same. No compromise on quality..EVER!!
No need to depend on those packaged snacks loaded with salt, sugar, fat and preservatives !
Right combos that are nutritionally balanced with protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, fibre and natural sugar.
A super tasty and easy investment you make in your own long term good health !



Saves time! Totally convenient & easy to grab n go pre-portioned packs.

WHO should subscribe to Snack Right?

EVERYBODY* who cares for their health and wants to eat GENUINELY NUTRITIOUS food for its long term health benefits.
Those who don’t want to settle for anything lesser than the BEST for their health.

* in case of any food allergies, intolerances and restrictions please speak to us.

WHEN is the Right time to Snack on these?

When is the Right time to Snack Right?

Anytime as a filler between your major meals. such as …

  • @ The 11am hunger pangs [lunch time abhi dooor hai mere dost!]
  • When Stuck in traffic/ travelling [healthy munching keeps you calm than honking]
  • For avoiding long gaps between meals. [Coz starvation is bad for heath]
  • Pre/ Post Gym sessions [small re fuels to get you going]
  • The 4pm-6pm hunger pangs [as junk food reaches out to you this time!]
  • When you are too busy to make healthy snacks yourself! [C’mon who has that much time??]
  • Long/ Extended work hours [we all have survived the junk in canteens]
  • When looking for something to munch on for no reason (oh! We all know that feeling!)
  • Waiting for healthy/ dieting Mondays that never come [did u say ‘dieting from Monday??’]

Basically, anytime that is snack time!

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