Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m on a weight loss diet. Can i eat these snacks?

A.  Yes you can as a part of balanced healthy diet. Snack Right products are nutritionally balanced. Nutritive values given on each pack. Speak to us if you are on a restrictive/ therapeutic diet.

Q. I’m a Diabetic. Can i eat these as mid meal snacks?

A. Yes you can; as a part of balanced healthy diet. Snack Right products are nutritionally balanced. Without any added sugar, no refined carbs, made with whole grains, have health beneficial functional foods. Nutritive values on each pack can help you pick snacks better.

Q. How do you decide quantity / portion in each pack?

A. The portions (grammage) of each product is based on average mid meal caloric requirements of healthy adults with a sedentary lifestyle as per the Recommended Dietary Allowances suggested by National Institute of Nutrition /Indian Council of Medical Research.

Q. Will i lose weight by eating these?

A. Yes; when combined with adequate exercise and an otherwise healthy low calorie diet they can certainly give you weight loss. These snacks contain wholegrain, high fibre, healthy fats, no sugar or refined stuff, designed to be a part of healthy nutritionally balanced diets. Remember there are no magic weight loss foods though!

Q. Can i subscribe for more than one subscription at same address?

A. Yes of course! More the number of family members more will be the snacks you need 🙂  While placing the order you can select the packages accordingly.

Q. Can i gift this to a friend / relative?

A. Only if you want more blessings from them!! Just mention their address in delivery location while you pay for their gift! May God give everyone friends and family like you. Do let us know if you want some special message added.

Q. Can kids eat these?

A. Yes. These snacks do not contain any added sugars, preservatives, colours, artificial or refined stuff or anything harmful for children which most processed foods in the market have in bulk. Rather we have seen many children love our granola bars, whole grain puffs and crackers. Snack Right products are suitable for all healthy individuals from ages 6 to 70years.

Q. I have some food allergies, can you customize for me?

A. Sorry we do not customize currently, but if you inform us, we can skip the products that contain allergens in your box if possible at a small additional cost. But please remember we make various snacks containing nuts, soya, wheat in the same facility (in case you are too sensitive).

Q. Such products are already available in market. Why should i buy from you?

A. Snack Right products are hand crafted, curated, approved by an Expert & experienced Professional Nutritionist. We have the right knowledge of what’s good for you we don’t take healthy eating lightly. Truly interested in your health and well being we are your trusted partner in your quest and struggle for healthy eating! We do not use any nonsense like preservatives, sugar, artificial flavours, colours, additives etc This is genuine nutrition.

Q. Why can’t i choose what snacks or how much i want in each box?

A. Sorry currently we don’t offer customizations in box contents or quantities. Coz we want to make sure you eat balanced types of snacks inclusive of whole grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, dry fruits etc. If you choose only what you like- you negate the whole point of snacking Right and might end up choosing a imbalanced snack box. This is like indirect Diet Consultation you get free with subscription. Yes free. J  Remember the whole point is – you are trying to Snack RIGHT.

Q. Can i cancel order placed?

A. Sorry you cannot cancel an order once placed, but you can pause your plan temporarily( not applicable to trial/ 4 week plan). This facility can be availed only once in a single subscription and needs to be intimated to us at least 5 working days before your next box is due via email and /or SMS and/or WhatsApp and get a confirmation from us. Payments are not refundable.

Still have questions??

A. You’re one inquisitive soul. Lets talk! Call us or drop an email. We love to chat with people wanting to get healthy..

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