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Hello there !

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I’m Neha – A born foodie and the Founder of Snack Right; sharing my food story with you!

Born in a huge family of die hard foodies; I grew up under my ‘master chef’ mom and secretly titled ‘food critic’ father.  I got introduced to food and its magic early on in life.

The passion for food turned into an obvious career choice of Food & Nutrition. I completed my Masters in Dietetics with a University gold medal [Proud moment yayyy!]

The food journey continues as a ‘weekend experimental chef’ and ‘self titled restaurant critic’ with my partner for indulgence- My husband!


My LIFE has been revolving around Food & Nutrition for almost a decade now; Involving learning-teaching , consultation , multiple International, National & local Nutrition Research projects, guiding students through their nutrition researches. So no wonder that all I can think of, dream of and talk of is nutritious healthy tasty food! This “keeda” of nutrition just doesn’t leave my brain by choice (dunno whether by choice or not).

I’ve always been inquisitive to find new tasty yet healthy snacks for satisfying me during my mid meal hunger pangs. Lack of genuinely healthy and nutritious snacking options without the unnecessary gimmicks and false claims gave birth to SNACK RIGHT.

I totally grabbed the opportunity to improve people’s lives through my healthy snacks one bite at a time…Here I am challenging myself each day to create and find tasty wholesome nutritious snacks for you!

I totally believe that “You are what you eat” and I can proudly say Snack Right is my brain child, born to help you snack right.. I want to be your friend and guide in doing some Mindful Munching between meals & reaching your health goals one snack at a time!

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